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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Smith Barney Nike and other brands to tell you how to play the seven cross-border marketing. First, Smith Barney ten million heavily "wonderful, said," cross-border cooperation with Alipay 2014 ?? 11 ?? news, Metersbonwe profile speaker announced the first domestic title people show up, "Wonderful, said," The program is composed of iQIYI Ma Dong studio produced, Kevin Tsai and two well-known artists to join any Xiaosong mentor, known as the collection of the world's "most likely to speak Chinese," the man with the Competition eloquence and strength. Metersbonwe brand leader said that he was optimistic about the iQIYI influence as the leading video entertainment platform, and look forward iQIYI cooperation can enhance Metersbonwe brand influence and brand image among young audiences in . According to Metersbonwe brand responsible person said, in line with the title, Smith Barney will also design appropriate O2O promotion activities, including the promotion of national stores and online shopping network state official mall promotion. This collaboration with iQIYI "wonderful theory" is the title for the first time Smith Barney brand network variety show. 11 ??? news, Metersbonwe and Alipay announced a strategic cooperation in the future users will be able to use Alipay wallet Metersbonwe stores, "personally pay" payments, while Smith Barney also settled in Alipay public service number wallet, Users can use the phone to make an appointment fitting, binding membership cards and other functions, currently Yanqing Hangzhou Metersbonwe store can already experience. Metersbonwe relevant responsible person said, hope that through cooperation cheap foamposites with Alipay to provide more technological sense of fashion experience for members, improve value-added services provided to Members, implement open online and offline consumer experience. Second, cross-border mergers and acquisitions hundred round pants industry electricity supplier In the domestic textile and apparel industry generally difficult business background, one hundred round pants industry is also facing the inevitable contraction storefront, inventory pressure, falling profits and other issues. 2012 and 2013, the company net profit fell 23.78% and 40% respectively; the first three quarters of 2014 to 52% decline in the expansion. In order to find new profit growth point, in July this year, one hundred round pants industry bulletin intends to issue shares and to pay a combination of cash, the price of 1.032 billion yuan acquisition of cross-border electricity supplier Global Tesco 100% of the shares. Global Tesco is a focus on cross-border retail outlet vertical class e-commerce, in a plurality of vertical categories of clothing and electronics have world-renowned cross-border B2C sales site. Tesco sells its products worldwide to apparel, 3C electronic products based. October 30, said completion of the Acquisition. hundred round pants industry believes that the acquisition of Universal Tesco hundred round pants industry is not only in line with the current product positioning, but also take advantage of the global Tesco in the electronic retail business, the integration of its B2C, large data operations, online advertising, vertical type Retail electricity providers and third-party platforms and other high-quality Internet experience gene, creating the next hundred round pants industry int cheap air jordans eraction online and offline resources, digital marketing and supply chain optimization combined domestic sales of cross-border co-clothing retail ecosystem perspective. Tesco's global platform is currently registered number of users exceeded 600 million, one hundred round pants industry direct access to the global internet resources and user resources to carry out their cross-border Tesco's online business. Third, Semir into the children's education and training market 2014 ?? 7 ?? news, Semir clothing juveniles Group Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Rui signed the "asset purchase agreement" educating John Core IT purchase juvenile Group Co., Ltd. held a 70% interest, the transfer price in accordance with infertility Han Shanghai 2013 2.5 times the annual revenue of this transaction as a valuation basis for 102.2 million yuan. Industry insiders say, Semir clothing after years of operation, the successful operation of the barabara brand-oriented children's clothing business, and achieved a leading position. The company currently has more than 3,500 children business shops, more than 500 million VIP client resources, and has more than 400 full-time employees of the e-commerce company, in the channel, customers, management, product development, supply chain resources, online and offline operational and other obvious advantages. The company through the acquisition of 70% stake in Shanghai's fertility John into children's education and training market, with the advantage of educating Han Shanghai brand, and other aspects of professional competence, combined with the company in the channel, customers, management, capital strength and other resources for China to carry out resources for children education market int jordan 3 katrina 2018 egration, help to promote the development of Shanghai Han educating children to become China's leading education companies. Semir clothing, said the future the company will continue to carry out investment and merger and integration of resources for children's education, animation film, games and other related industries, will build the company into an integrated one-stop service platform for children. Fourth, the international giant Nike, Adidas fashion cross-border chase female users 2014 In December 2009, following the Adidas opened in Beijing China's first women's store, Nike iAPM shopping center located in Shanghai China's first women's Experience Store also opened a mysterious veil. China's first women's Adidas store in Beijing Financial Street, Xicheng District, three shopping centers, and LV, GUCCI, Zegna and other luxury brands for the neighborhood. It is not difficult to see, Adidas Women stores are not ready for the mass consumer groups entirely, its objects and services should be more inclined to high-end consumer groups. Women Adidas store mainly by selling products is different, more like the Nike Women store experience women's sports club. An area of ??420 square meters of Nike Shanghai iAPM woman experience stores in addition to providing about 100 models of sports products, the store also installed the Nike + Mainland China's first gait analysis system. Experience store will be invited from time to time fitness instructor, health professionals and private sports style consultant interact with consumers. Behind Although the woman on the sports market stores in the future will not become the absolute mainstream, but Nike, Adidas store opened woman is worth learning the local sports bra Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale nd. Nike, Adidas opened woman shop approach, in fact, through the creation of specialized stores for women, to understand the real needs of women, where consumer groups, in order to make improvements on other products sold in stores comprehensive and do well with female consumption person communication. It is undeniable that men and women demand for the product is a big difference. Consumer groups such as men tend to be rational shopping, shopping strong purpose; and female consumer groups, by contrast, later on the more emotional, impulsive consumption is strong. This difference in purchasing behavior, in fact, is the need for brand owners in advance to give attention. Five Younger curve involved in private banks 2014 In July 2009, Bank of Ningbo Younger announcement that shareholders receive a "letter about changes in stake," Younger holds shares of the company 350 million shares, representing 12.16% of the company's total share capital. Reporters found that, after this overweight, Younger stake to stake Bank of Ningbo from Ningbo bank's largest shareholder OCBC Bank's 13.74 percent was less than 2%. Younger said that within the next 12 months, intends to continue to holdings of shares in Bank of Ningbo. The reporters found that the proportion of shares and Bank of Ningbo Youngor major shareholders one step. Insiders told reporters that if the future really be controlled Bank of Ningbo Younger, that future will be similar to the Bank of Ningbo, China Minsheng Bank, the major shareholder can control the bank to, private banks can make a transition. It is understood that Bank of Ningbo Youngor and Ningbo same enterprise, while Bank of Ningbo listed Youngor it holds 179 million shares, in 2010, Bank o jordans on sale mens f Ningbo Youngor subscribe non-public offering of shares 7050 shares, third quarter of 2011 to 2013 in the second quarter, we continued to sell holdings of Bank of Ningbo Youngor shares, but since the fourth quarter of 2013, Bank of Ningbo Younger began holdings. Six, Uniqlo introduced Starbucks 2014 United States in August of Macy's, Target and Barnes and Noble bookstores supermarkets have successively introduced Starbucks. Uniqlo in the shop put a sofa, table, chairs and an iPad station for customers to use. To be able to retain customers more for a while, they can increase their chances of in-store shopping. Moreover, Uniqlo also sponsors the New York Museum of Modern Art next door (MoMA) Friday free open plan, followed by further collaboration with MoMA, offering a limited edition clothing accessories "SPRZ NY", using a well-known contemporary artists Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat , Sarah Morris, who's paintings, as many as 200 kinds of products, including, stores and sales sites handbags, T-shirts by Uniqlo worldwide. Other clothing brands have launched cross-border cooperation, Gap concept store began selling third-party magazines, books and other non-apparel products, Ralph Lauren company's Club Monaco to Brooklyn popular Toby's Estate Cafe and New York The famous The Strand bookstore invited his flagship store; designer John Varvatos even opened his shop in the bar. seven, H & amp; M ought transboundary play at home 2014 ?? 1 ?? H & amp; M home home series officially entered the Chinese market, as of the end of August, in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities have even opened seven large flagship store, and it will open in the second half four. 2011 ?? ZARA home to Retro jordans for sale China so far, has opened nearly 20 stores, and the first half of last year, sales rose 30 percent, higher than the Group's flagship brand Zara-year growth rates in many. However, the fast fashion industry to do at home, in a foreign country is not new. Early in 2003, the fashion apparel giant ZARA started doing cross-border household products, bed linen, tableware and bathroom accessories and other household fabrics. Today, 11 years have been developed, although there are no official statistics specific share of sales, but another brand of cross-border point of view, this market share is gradually grow, rather than reduced. Sources pointed out that the Japanese chain Muji home life has also announced that executives hope that the future number of stores in China to expand from the current 100 to 1,000. Insiders said: as clothing, we are selling products in a concept, however, it is not just selling products, clothing is just a carrier, sell lifestyle is to sell. Mash shop "mixed" is another of VIP guests, "ride" is their brand value. Mash-up will be more companies are willing to try a business model. But how to find consistent with their own brand of culture, services, ideas and industry partnerships to make clothing brand investment to achieve the maximum benefit of marketing is the future of cross-border business thinking points. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner:. Cartelo shoes)S3tr version of the three folding Segway a glance, you might think that S3tr is a cheaper version of the segway. It is in the shape and use of the Segway is similar. The difference is that it has three wheels, while it is collapsible, easy access to public transport, o buy cheap jordans online r under the desk. and Segway compared to there is a difference, it is driven not by forward or backward tilt control of, but by the thumb controller. But the steering can also be controlled by tilting the body, or in the "fixed mode" under the control rod. wheel motor is placed on the front wheel, the rear wheel is responsible for steering. This approach is: Despite the losses caused by the turning radius of S3tr is very small, but still less than the Segway steering. Walk Wing roller skating shoes this product actually is a deformation of the roller skating shoes, and the difference between the products and other skating shoes design is it will skate wheels and shoes the overall separation of open, into the shoes of "peripheral" products. Through Simple after putting it on, in the open switch at the heel part, roller skate wheels slide out, then he can roller skate. but this device before there are many, and from the perspective of Indiegogo to raise the public's reaction is not very welcome foreign friends. DTV Shredder - tank Shredder DTV on the shape of the off-road vehicle and the operation of the re definition of all the mechanical design, are to provide a strong impetus to the power and the ability to control the excellent terrain. Let it in the face of any terrain, any season, can swim through it. the all terrain military tracked scooter a top speed of 48 km, in the high-speed road to deal with all kinds of terrain, due to the low center of gravity. "It has become a reconnaissance, loading individual material, rescue, mobile monitoring and medical evacuation mission is the ideal tool." Known as the soldiers to create a "rapid response modular platform", on display in Detroit that year held a mil jordans on sale online itary vehicle exhibition, the excellent off-road capability and convenient manipulation, by the participating guests praise! Bolt: the smallest and lightest electric slide in the world skate is a green energy saving travel tool, there is now a small ultra light skate new, which is named Bolt. Its makers call it the smallest and lightest electric slide in the world. First glance at the past, Bolt is like an ordinary slide, but it is an electric scooter, can go farther Road, and for the commute. Bolt electric scooter with built-in USB charging interface, the scooter is not in use.remembers the day when AJ5 black silver was released last July. After getting up early to open the computer, enter the official website. Want to try their luck I can grab. results, a little unexpected did not happen, and the previous sale, chrysanthemum turn ah, shoes will be gone. After , because of the so-called "high-risk shoes money" at that time, plus the price has been not very friendly, although really like, it has not been through a treasure start. until this 618, originally intended to go to NIKE flagship store to buy a pair of PG1 back to actual combat, but accidentally found AJ5 Black Silver this will also sell, and preferential many, looked at inventory, my size actually has more than 100 pairs. So, add a shopping cart and wait for the zero to try. doesn't know if it's a robbery or not, but the process of buying is very smooth. about AIR JORDAN 5, from the Mustang fighter design, career high 69 points, etc. story, you may hear the ears are cocoon. I don't say much about it. To master Zhang Mier, directly above the box. first received a large box, shoebox or AJ5 classic style, ? opened one eye, tongue reflec jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ting especially cool front view, former 45 fighter flame graffiti, love this ink design AJ series for the first time use buckle design large area of breathable mesh, unlike the 4 generation. AJ5 uses a transparent breathable fabric with soft fabric. tongue AIR JORDAN and 4 generation, are reversed. asymmetrical collar is made with sufficient material. used the transparent rubber outsole for the first time on his sneakers. It was really beautiful. forefoot has 3 grooves extends the previous generations of window design, air cushion design, After the toe place have creases and just try this place a little top foot. in general, this pair of AIR JORDAN 5 work in now can be counted on is very good, almost no overflow glue, go line is also very neat. The use of artificial leather, but feel very good feel, the details are also in place, the quality is completely beyond my expectations. Plus 618 activity price of 999 won the shoes he has, is really happiness so suddenly. ??????cheap flights to puerto rico from miami vice tv Awesome Dep wa baby boy hats Sting and Bugsy are always ready to fly flights to puerto rico from miami vice tv Awe" /〉 jordans prices in india Gracias sneaker high arch estas para hacerte cafe en las ma anas Buscar con Google cheap flights to puerto rico from miami vice tv Awesome Dep wa Nike Hyperfuse 2014 has recently officially on sale, the new color appearance, eye-catching blue Hyperfuse adorn the shoe body and the bottom, only in the lining and the outer bottom with a touch of black. This Nike Hyperfuse 2014 has been listed, the number of 684591-303 love, friends can look at. 1417839512882_720x450.jpg (34.89 KB, download number: 0) download Nike H air jordan 11 space jam for sale yperfuse 2014 blue color 2014-12-6 13:09 upload 1417839512757_720x450.jpg (39.59 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Hyperfuse 2014 blue color 2014-12-6 13:09 upload 1417839513164_720x450.jpg (42.52 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Hyperfuse 2014 blue color 2014-12-6 13:09 upload 1417839513063_720x450.jpg (26.86 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Hyperfuse 2014 blue color 2014-12-6 13:09 upload 2014, Nike 00With the first time Nike announced multifunctional outdoor ACG series's official return after NikeLab day before ACG immediately ushered in a new upgrade LunarTerra Arktos outdoor boots. New and improved version of this time to prepare for the winter season, to strengthen the heat insulation function of the shoe body and durability, at the same time removed within the body of the shoe boots design make the weight lighter; as to the outer bottom by a unique texture to increase the antiskid performance and traction, with waterproof function with grid and the leather fabric to create a shoe body. In addition to the LunarTerra Arktos and the integration of Flywire technology to improve the flexibility, and greatly enhance the feet warm lining temperature. NikeLab ACG LunarTerra Arktos will be January 15th only the first sale in North America, followed by Europe and Japan were landing in the market. nikelab-acg-lunarterra-arktos-1.jpg (41.14 KB, download number: 0) download NikeLab ACG LunarTerra Arktos outdoor boots 2014-12-17 09:25 upload 00Jordan Fly Wade 2 EV 2013-12-08 22:06:59 "Lebron James is stronger than me."!" Wade thinks his teammates are more qualified to be the leader of the team. This argument is debatable, but there is no doubt that Wade's role in the team can not be replaced. The first round of the playoffs against New York Nicks, the first two games, Wade has been wearing white, red and yellow color matching Jordan Fly Wade 2 EV. I'm sure the fans will get it soon, and a lot of colors will come along. Jordan Horizon PRM "Black Croc" brings new luxury design 2016-04-02 11:18:24 as Hybird shoes, before the success of Jordan Future, let Jordan Horizon naturally get people's attention. This brings a new version of Jordan Horizon PRM "Black Croc" to change the style of the past weaving, but by ultra-high texture of Black Embossed leather material as a shoe body, supplemented by Air Jordan 13 classic red outsole, can be described as luxurious to the extreme. The shoes have been sold abroad, number: 822333-010, sale price: $185, interested friends may wish to look at. near the school season, take you to see the vans's high-end line of vans vault, wtaps cooperation and Nishiyama Tetsu chefs 2013 autumn and winter shoes! The two breath launched Sk8-Hi, chukka and slip on three kinds of shoes, design an ever more concise. Slip on and Sk8-Hi was high quality suede material as a vamp, and chukka is to use the classic canvas, tonal high-profile blue lake, handsome army green and slightly low-key black ash. It is worth mentioning that the full series are in the territory of American with characteristics of manual manufacturing, shoe, sense of quality is absolutely guaranteed. All branded products will be in August this year, the official debut, then wtaps's flagship store hoods, GIP, and vans vault stores were sold, slip on and chukka pricing are $12600 yen (about $1002 Hong Kong dollars), SK8-HI pricing RMB 14700 yen (about $1170 Hong Kong dollars), you remember to retail business appointment OK. ; earlier for you exposed advertised made in USA's new balance US574 series of believe many fans friends heartache it, but the overseas purchase to increase a lot more difficult than, price also increases, rather lower price. In fact, the domestic counter has many noteworthy color series are price of preferred, as in August will log on to the shelves of ML574 new color series, with dark blue, grey, and Bordeaux were launched three different styles, to M574 most classic suede, nylon mesh surface mixed together to make, still carrying the new balance signs encap cushioning system and provide outstanding comfort environment, with purplish red color is most worthy of attention, August shelves pricing 619RMB, interested friends may wish to take note! ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Also hit a career highest meet triumph after termination of Lectra; yesterday's NBA a total of 13 games, James continued absence, Owen comeback, cut 38 points, but powerless to stop losing streak; 76 defeat in bucks Knicks lost to wizards suffered in team history the longest 13 defeats; the eagle Grizzlies have won six games in a row; the green army nets game losing streak; piston go Josh Smith captured calf seven game winning streak. The wolves lost the sun, but swallow 13 defeats; Cooley completed milestones battle yesterday, 15 assists tied a career. At the same time, total assists breakthrough 2500, three career breakthrough 1000, the team victory over the Pacers. Kobe play disorders, the Lakers lost to the Clippers. Back to the end of the race, together to understand the players on the foot of the shoe section bar. Smith Josh - Crazy Light BoostAdidasJames: Nike Run The Oneharden.Howard Dwight - D Howard 5AdidasTrevor Ariza - Nike · Lunar Hyperquickness PEPatrick · Beverly -- D Rose Adidas 5 BoostTerry Jason - Answer 14ReebokNike Zoom HyperrevMaikaweiOBryant - Zoom LeBron 5Nike· - NIKE iD norens; Noel LeBron 12John - adidas J Wall wal. 1 "Bad Dream "Bradley · Bill -- Hyperdunk Nike 2014 Pablo · Prigioni -- Kobe Nike 8 iDSSKaili Erwin - Kyrie 1NikeKevin; Love; 3.0361Mo Tai Jonas - Crazy Light BoostAdidasRoss Derek - D Rose Adidas 5 BoostButler Jimmy - Jordan Air 14 "Toe " BlackANTA KG 5- Kevin Garnett.Joe Johnson - Super.Fly 3JordanAdidas Crazy Light Boost PE- smartEyre, Hyperdunk 201〉 NikeUnder Armour Anatomix Spawn Low Jennings exclusive version 2014-02-24 21:03:20After went to Detroit, Jennings got more shots, and was the number one scoring weapon in the back of the team. This pair of Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Low is the exclusive version of the Jennings building, shoes itself flexible and fast response characteristics is engraved on his style, color is also used on behalf of the motor city black and white and red, and his personal logo embellishment in the tongue and insole. Nike launches Benassi 2014-10-22 14:48:48 yesterday introduced the new urban suite set up by Nike, inspired by the world's 6 largest fashion cities: London, Milan, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo, with the Air Force 1 as the blueprint. But in addition, Nike has created 6 pairs of Benassi slippers with the same color. Each pair of slippers is printed with the abbreviation of each city at the vamp. It is reported that the series will be sold on the designated stores in October 23rd, like friends may wish to pay attention to it.